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First Class Additions' carcovers are specially designed to protect the non-average car during storage, which is why they are well-known and used in the field of classic and exotic cars. But we also experience an increasing interest from "regular car" owners who discover the advantages of a good carcover.




A quality carcover must fulfill at least following requirements:





breathable material


non-hygroscopic (should not absorb moisture)


good fit



On top of the above, an outdoor cover must also be watertight and UV-resistant.




It is essential for a carcover to be made of well-breathable material to allow condensation to escape when it evaporates (more about condensation under "Facts and Fiction") Luckily, most people nowadays are aware of this and leave the cheap but unbreathable nylon and PVC covers for what they are.





One would think a soft inner lining to prevent scratches goes without saying, but how many carcovers can you find that actually do have this?





The material must be moisture-repellant - even for an indoor cover! If the material absorbs and/or retains moisture (like cotton) it will lie on the car like a damp cloth. A cotton cover can only be used in a completely dry room, which in our climate means in a heated room. This is why a good universal carcover should not contain cotton.



Dust tight


Because first of all it is mostly dust and dirt the car should be protected from. Any woven material lets some dust through the weaving holes, therefore a non-woven material offers better protection.



Good fit


The cover must have the proper dimensions for the car and have facilities to keep the cover in place. It should not touch the floor as this may cause scratches from dirt and sand next time you put the cover over the car, and it should not blow away with every slight breeze or each time you open the garage door.



Whilst other carcovers fullfill only one or two of the above requirements, the First Class Addditions carcovers are made of specially developed materials fullfilling all of these requirements. This makes them stand out positively compared to other products.


Our carcovers can be divided into two main groups i.e.


carcovers for indoor use (Supertex)


carcovers for outdoor use (Moltex)


Beside these two main ranges we also offer various covers for special projects, made to measure of the customer's specific needs. Examples: reveal-covers, traffic jam prevention covers (the damaged vehicle is covered to prevent "watch" jams), covers for Clubs with Club logo, etc.




Material demands:



PVC Nylon



soft inside








Additional demands for outdoor covers:








For more information, prices and delivery please contact the distributor in your region.