My car is stored indoors, why use a carcover?

A good carcover protects your car from dust and scratches (think of children's bikes, the lawn mower, or even the zip on your jacket). There are even systems that protect your car from falling objects.


Why is my car sometimes wet even if it is stored in the garage?

Your car is wet with condensation. Condensation is caused by certain climate circumstances and occurs both indoors and outdoors. (read more)


Can a cover prevent condensation?

No, this is a fairy tale and technically impossible. Condensation is caused by the climate and no cover in the world can influence that. There are however special storage systems that influence the climate in the vehicle's direct environment in such a way that condensation is avoided. (read more)


There is a wide choice of covers in many different materials. Which cover is best?

There is no such thing as "the best cover", the choice of material depends on the specific circumstances of the storage space. The material must suit these circumstances.


What is meant by a "breathable" cover?

A "breathable" cover allows moisture (e.g. condensation) to escape from under the cover. If the material is not or insufficiently breathable, the moisture cannot escape causing the vehicle to remain damp, which will have desastrous consequences for the paint, upholstery and mechanical and electrical parts.


I keep my car stored indoors during winter and outside the house during summer. Do I need two different covers?

No, thanks to modern technology, materials have been developed that may be used indoors and outdoors.


Can I keep my car stored for months under a cover during winter?

Only if the storage space is and remains absolutely dry. Be careful if there is any risk of condensation. In that case you may need a special storage system.


My car is an American beauty nearly 20 ft long. Do you have any cover for her?

Yes we do!


Can I  put the cover over my car when it is still wet?

Yes you could, but it is advisable to dry the car first. You can, however, store a wet vehicle in a special storage system.



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