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Not only for classic cars or motorbikes, but also for your caravan, motorhome, boat or even lawn mower, a battery charger is indispensible, as any unused battery loses voltage.


if  you have ever experienced the frustration of an empty battery...

or if you would rather prevent this...

... read on!


Any unused battery loses voltage; even if there is no alarmsystem or clock connected. To recharge your battery you can choose from a wide range of chargers in any price class. We don't want to go into too much detail on the technical aspects of charging batteries (all you're interested in, is that it works!), but we need to explain a few things that are important for you to make the right choice.


A battery charger or battery conditioner should not keep on charging forever: the voltage must be limited. If the voltage is not limited (which is often the case with the cheaper chargers) the battery and electrical system in the vehicle can be severely damaged and in the worst case the battery may even explode.

When the battery charger or conditioner reaches its maximum voltage, the battery is charged at 80% of its capacity. At this point, the charger/conditioner should not switch off automatically, like the automatic battery chargers do, but continue charging with maximum voltage untill the battery is charged to 100% of its capacity (absorption charging). Then the charger should switch to puls-charging, to ensure that the battery has maximum load under all circumstances and at any time - ready for take off when you are!



First Class Additions supply CTEK battery chargers and conditioners as they are the absolute top quality in this market. They have an ideal 4-phased loading cycle:


Puls-load to break down the sulphate crystals

Bulk-load to quickly charge the battery to 80%

Absorption-load to further charge the battery to its maximum

Puls-load to keep the battery charged at its maximum under all circumstances



The CTEK battery chargers and conditioners are fully electronic and tuned such that no damage can be done to the vehicle under any circumstances. CTEK chargers are included in the standard parts package (private labels) of Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley.


The advantages of the CTEK battery chargers and conditioners are:


The battery is always charged to its maximum: ready for take-off!

Perfectly safe

Short circuit protected

Reverse polarity protected

Suitable for use outdoor (splash water tight)


Light weight

Can remain connected for an unlimited period

The battery will have a maximum life span



We offer three types of CTEK battery chargers and conditioners perfectly suited for vehicles that are not used every day:



battery charger/conditioner XC 800 for 6V batteries

battery charger/conditioner XS 800 for 12V batteries

full battery charger + conditioner XS 3600 for 12V batteries

battery charger/conditioner XT 4000 for 24V batteries



Charging and discharging of batteries


There is a persistent rumour that every battery should be discharged regularly. This goes for Ni/Cad-batteries like the one in your mobile phone, but where batteries for vehicles are concerned, it is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! Gel and lead batteries, as commonly used in vehicles, should NEVER be discharged - read more in "Facts and Fiction".






For more information, prices and delivery please contact the distributor in your region.