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Car covers are not only used by car enthusiasts to protect their pride and joy,  but also find their way to more unexpected applications. E.g.:


Traffic jam prevention

First Class Additions carcovers are used by Dutch traffic control authorities in a pilot project to help preventing traffic jams. After an accident, the damaged cars are covered by a carcover to keep them out of sight and make them less interesting for the other traffic passing by in the same or opposite direction, thus preventing the so-called "watch jams". These carcovers are made of a very compact material and in the colours and logo of the Dutch traffic control authorities. Three of these carcovers in different sizes are now standard equipment in every traffic control police car in the project area.



Work shops and garages

If for whatever reason the work on a car must be temporarily put on hold, the car is covered by a carcover to keep it clean and safe from scratches.




Car and motorbike clubs often have very specific desires as to the accessories for their brand or model. There are general brand clubs but also specific clubs that cover only one particular make and model.

We can offer your club tailormade covers for Your Club Car, not only in the tailormade price range, but - from 30 pcs. per model - also in the more economical range of Supertex and Moltex. Provided with your Club logo and/or any text you may desire. Ask your distributor for details!



For more information, prices and delivery please contact the distributor in your region.